Research Consortia

2016 Phytoengineering Research Center Workshop at UC Davis
Prof. Justin Siegel takes a group of 2016 Phytoengineering Research Center Workshop participants on a tour of the UC Davis Genome Center facilities.  The Genome Center, directed by Prof. Richard Michelmore, houses several technology cores which support campus and external research community projects in bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and related high thru-put, platform technologies.

Biotech Research Consortia and Interdisciplinary Projects

The UC Davis Biotechnology Program serves as an administrative hub for biotech-related research consortia and interdisciplinary projects that bring together key stakeholders for the development of technologies in human, animal and planetary health, agriculture and natural resource management. These groups pursue extramural funding to support collaborative research and training focused on the development and validation of new platform technologies, data management and analysis, science communication strategies to engage the public and inclusive STEM workforce development. 

Current efforts revolve around the development of genetic/metabolic cell and tissue engineering and bioprocessing technologies for high value proteins, including cultivated meat/alternative proteins for human and animal nutrition, as well as the rapid, cost-effective manufacture of proteins for health-related diagnostics, therapeutics and biodefense.

Research consortia build on the strengths of UC Davis faculty, particularly those with deep expertise in plant genetic engineering and bioprocess technologies, while bringing together national and international partners from the public and private sectors. Many of our DEB doctoral students participate as research interns with industry partners and we continue to build public-private research communities that support translational research.

Related Resources

The UC Davis campus is home to a number of unique research-related resources and groups that facilitate the development of technologies in the life sciences and engineering.  The Biotechnology Program actively engages with administrative research directors and has collaborated on grant writing, outreach, science communication, workshops and student training efforts with a number of biotech-related research units, including those listed below.