Biotechnology Program Personnel

Biotechnology Program Contacts



Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung
(530) 752-5090


Jacki BalderamaProgram Manager

Jacki Balderama
(530) 752-1048


Kelly MeadeFinancial Analyst

Kelly Meade
(530) 752-8228


Student Assistant

Austin Ta
(530) 752-3260

Biotechnology Program Address

301 Life Sciences Building
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616


Past Personnel and Biotechnology Program Colleagues


Circa 1998 Colleagues
Biotech Program colleagues and directors circa 1998 (L->R): Prof. George Bruening, Prof. Don Carlson, Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlin, Prof. Roy Doi, Dr. Judy Kjelstrom and Prof. Alan Bennett.


Biotech Personnel Past and Present Circa 2000
A winter 2005 gathering of Biotech Program and UCBREP colleagues (L->R): Judy Kjelstrom, Cathy Miller, Julia Munsch, Gussie Curran, Jennifer Lee, Gail Stroup and Martina Newell-McGloughlin.


2005 Personnel
From L->R: Carey Kopay, MS (Asst. Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program), Bjoern Hoffman (Program Manager, UCBREP), Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlin (Director, UCBREP and [formerly] UC Davis Biotechnology Program), Dr. Judy Kjelstrom (Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program) and Prof. Bruce Hammock (Entomology, Director - NIH BTP). Photo taken at the 2005 Annual Biotechnology Program Training Retreat


2005 Colleagues
The UCBREP and Biotechnology Program teams in 2005!  From L->R: Gussie Curran, Judy Kjelstrom, Cathy Miller, Martina Newell-McGloughlin, Karey Copay and Marianne Hunter.


2006 Personnel
From L->R: Marianne Hunter (Program Manager, UC Davis Biotechnology Program), Dr. Judy Kjelstrom (Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program), Carey Kopay, MS (Asst. Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program) and Prof. Karen McDonald (Chemical Engineering, Co-Director - NIH BTP). Photo taken at the 2006 Annual Biotechnology Program Training Retreat


Ed Ken Martina
Prof. Ed Re (Solano Community College Biomanufacturing Program), Prof. Ken Burtis (Dean, College of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlin (Director, UCBREP) show their support for the 2007 Teen Biotech Challenge participants at the annual awards event.


2008 Madeline Osborn
From L->R: Elianna Goldstein (DEB Student), Cecelia Osorio (DEB Student) and Madeline Osborn (Program Assistant, UC Davis Biotechnology Program). Photo taken at the 2008 Annual Biotechnology Program Training Retreat


2009 Registration
Natalie Merchant (College of Biological Sciences staff volunteer) and Linda Bates (Program Assistant, UC Davis Biotechnology Program) help to check in the registered participants and distribute program books at the 2009 Annual Biotechnology Program Retreat.


Demian and Harris
Demian Sainz (Biotech Program Assistant) and Dr. Harris Lewin (Vice Chancellor for Research) at the 2011 Annual Biotechnology Program Retreat.


2015 Flow Cytometry Course
Jacqueline Phillips (Biotech Program Assistant), Dr. Bridget McLaughlin (Director, UC Davis Flow Cytometry Lab and Summer Course Lead Instructor), Jacki Balderama (Biotech Program Event Coordinator) and Dr. Judy Kjelstrom (Biotech Program Director) at the start of the 2015 Flow Cytometry Summer Short Course.


Michelle Guerra
Michelle Guerra (Biotechnology Program and Global HealthShare Initiative Student Assistant) looking calm, cool and collected after a busy morning setting up for the June 21, 2019,  "Harnessing Plant Biotechnology for Global Health and Wellness" project signing ceremony with international collaborators and campus leaders at the UC Davis Alumni Center.