Friday Seminars

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2018 - 2019 Academic Year DEB/ECH 294 Schedule

Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters


2019 Spring Schedule

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Organizational Meeting

Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung and Prof. Karen McDonald (ECH), Instructors

April 5


11:00 AM

1022 LS

Cell-based Meat: Applying Animal Cell Culture Technology to the Future of Food

Liz Specht, PhD

Senior Scientist

The Good Food institute

April 12


11:00 AM

1022 LS


Online Assigned Seminar for DEB/ECH 294 Course Enrollees

April 19

11:00 AM

1022 LS


Career Development Opportunities in Biotechnology: The Interface Between Science and Management

Robert A. Baffi, PhD

Executive Vice President

BioMarin Pharmaceutical

April 26

11:00 AM

1022 LS

I Wish I Had Known What It Takes To Start A Company When I Was A Graduate Student

Fatma Kaplan, PhD


Pheronym, Inc.

May 3


11:00 AM

1022 LS

Leveraging Natural Biodiversity to Engineer Crop Disease Resistance

Nicholas Thomas., PhD (former  PhD student)

Project Scientist

Fortiphyte, Inc.                                                

May 10

11:00 AM

1022 LS

An Engineer's Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Ashish Jagtiani, PhD


Chronus Health, SF Bay Area

May 17

11:00 AM

1022 LS


John Hogan, PhD

Environmental Scientist

Bioengineering Branch, NASA  Ames Research Center

May 24

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Novel Biosensor Platform That Facilitates Enhanced Speed, Sensitivity, and Efficiency for ELISA

Teri Slack, PhD

Business and Product Development Lead

Plexense, Inc.

May 31



Final Writing Assignments will be due on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by 5:30PM