Friday Seminars

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2019 - 2020 Academic Year DEB/ECH 294 Schedule

Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters


2019 Fall Schedule

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Biotech Innovation Systems & Entrepreneurship (11 - 11:20 am)

Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung and Prof. Karen McDonald (ECH), Instructors

Big Bang! Kickoff (11:20 - 11:50 am)

Karen Harding - Davis (Program Coordinator, UCD Child Family Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Tony Simon, PhD (2018 Big Bang! Business Competition - Second Place Winner

September 27


11:00 AM

1022 LS

What is Intellectual Property?

Robin Stears, PhD, MBA

Associate Director

UC Davis InnovationAccess

October 4


11:00 AM

1022 LS


How to Translate Your Research and Ideas Into a Startup

Zane Starkewolfe, PhD (DEB Alum)

Associate Director-New Venture Resources

Venture Catalyst, UC Davis

October 11

11:00 AM

1022 LS


Breaking Into Commercial Operations in Industry

Michael Fanelli

Business Development Executive

Metabolon, Inc.

October 18

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Cyborg Sensors, Man's New Best Friend

Benjamin Sadrian, PhD

Senior Neuroscientist

Koniku, Inc.

October 25


11:00 AM

1022 LS

Cultured Meat: A Blueprint

Nicholas Legendre, PhD

Director of Biological Research

New Age Meats                                              

November 1

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Entrepreneurship: How to Learn by Doing

Luciano Bueno, PhD

CEO and Founder


November 8

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Being a Startup Scientist: Innovation, Conviction, and Responsibility

John Oliver, PhD (DEB Alum)

Vice President of Research & Development


November 15

11:00 AM

1022 LS

From the Lab Bench to Government: Perspectives on How to Transition from Academia to Public Policy

Liz Anthony Gill, PhD (DEB Alum)

Electric Generation System Specialist

California Energy

November 22



11:00 AM

1022 LS

Living Materials: 3D Printing Next-Generation Bioreactors

Jennifer Knipe, PhD

Materials Scientist

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

December 6

Final Writing Assignments will be due on Friday, December 13, 2019 by 8:00 PM