Friday Seminars

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2019 - 2020 Academic Year DEB/ECH 294 Schedule

Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Seminars will be held via Zoom Spring 2020 (Open to the Public)

Please email Jacki at for Zoom link

2020 Spring Schedule

11:00 AM


Careers and Career Ladders in the Biotech Industry

Venkatesh Srinivasan, PhD

Vice President, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology

Bayer, Campbell

April 3


11:00 AM



April 10


11:00 AM



Synthetic DNA Technologies Enable Antibody Discovery and Optimization

Aaron K. Sato, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Biopharma

Twist Bioscience, San Francisco Bay Area

April 17

11:00 AM



Feeding Methane Gas To Bacteria For Biodegradable Polymers: the technology of Mango Materials

Molly Morse, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Mango Materials, Inc., Palo Alto

April 24

11:00 AM



Considerations for Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing - Speed, Quality and Cost

Ting-Kuo Huang, PhD (DEB Alum)

Principal Engineer

Genentech, South San Francisco



11:00 AM


Making an Impact through Biotech: My Path to Creating Sustainable Meat

Rachel Valenzuela, PhD  (DEB Alum)

Senior R&D Scientist

Memphis Meats, Berkeley


May 8

11:00 AM


Building Biotech Startups

Jun Axup, PhD

Scientific Director and Partner

Indie Bio, San Francisco

May 15

11:00 AM


Directed Evolution of New Viruses for Clinical Gene Therapy

David Schaffer, PhD

Hubbard Howe Jr. Distinguished Professor

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, Molecular and Cell Biology, and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at University of California at Berkeley

May 22

11:00 AM



Chris White


White Labs, Inc., San Diego

May 29







Final Writing Assignments are due by 8:00pm on Thursday, June 11