Friday Seminars

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2019 - 2020 Academic Year DEB/ECH 294 Schedule

Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters 11-12 pm, 1022 LS (Open to the Public)


2020 Winter Schedule

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Next Generation Bio-manufacturing of Green Chemicals

Lisa Anderson, PhD (DEB Alum)

Scientist, BioAnalytics

Amyris, Emeryville, CA

January 10


11:00 AM

1022 LS

Developing platforms for engineering stem cells at scale using CRISPR-Cas

Kevin Holden, PhD, (DEB Alum)

Head of Science

Synthego Corporation,

January 17


11:00 AM

1022 LS


Identification of Antiwolbachial Compounds to Cure Parasitic Worm Disease

Malina A. Bakowski, PhD

Infectious Disease PI

Calibr, a Division of Scripps Research

January 24

11:00 AM

1022 LS


From the Maniatis Bible to Coffee Research: A Genomicist's Road to Horticulture

Marta Matvienko, PhD

R & D Site Manager

Frinj Coffee

January 31

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Medical Device Development

Tyler Hutchison, MS

Senior Development Scientist

Immuncor, Inc.

February 7


11:00 AM

1022 LS

Transgenic Chickens for Antibody Discovery

Kathryn Ching, PhD, Research Investigator

John Burg, PhD, Senior Scientist

Ligand Pharmaceuticals      


February 14

11:00 AM

1022 LS

To Boldy Go:  My Non-linear, Fortuitous Path to Career Success

Linda Sonntag, PhD

Investor, Advisor and CEO  

February 21

11:00 AM

1022 LS

Plant Science Research in a Vegetable Seed Company

John Lindbo, PhD

Research and Innovation Fellow

Hm Clause Seed Company,

February 28

11:00 AM

1022 LS


Chris Flask, MBA

Global Warehouse and Business Capability Owner

Product and Global Supply Chain Management


March 6


Evolving the Food Industry through Biotechnology: Creating the Future of Sustainable Meat

Rachel Valenzuela, PhD (DEB Alum)

Senior R&D Scientist

Memphis Meats

March 13




Final Writing Assignments will be due on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 by 10:00 AM