Graduate Student Training and Fellowships

2012 Fellows
Sean Gilmore (Biotech Fellow, 2010-2012), Wade Zeno (NIH Fellow 2011-2012) and Siobhan Halloran (Biotech Fellow, 2012-2014) enjoying the coffee break and poster session at the 2012 Annual Biotechnology Program Retreat. In the background, we see research mentors, Prof. Kit Lam and Prof. Marc Facciotti, as well as BTP founder, Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlin.

Biotechnology Training for Translational Research and Beyond

Since the early 1990s, the Biotechnology Program has developed graduate training programs in emerging technologies that are focused on translational research and entrepreneurship.  In 1997, the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology became the formal degree program by which key elements of Biotech Program graduate student training would be institutionalized, including familiarity with platform technologies (cloning, DNA sequencing, bioprocessing), the "business of biotech" (intellectual property, regulatory, team science) and science communication for diverse audiences.  A key part of our mission is on-going pursuit of extramural support and training for graduate students that will accelerate research programs across the life sciences and engineering, as well as prepare UC Davis PhD students for a variety of career paths in both the public and private sectors. 

Ingrid and Denneal
DEB Trainee Ingrid Leth and Associate Director Denneal Jamison-McClung at the 2012 NSF CREATE-IGERT Symposium. Dr. Leth is currently working as a scientific consultant with CBR International Corporation (Boulder, CO).

Current Training Programs

Past Training Programs