2017 Proteomics Photos



2017 Proteomics Course Photos


2017 Proteomics Group Photo (Rainin)



Monday morning break sponsor - Rainin


Judy Callis and Adam Contreras


Monday morning in gel digestion lab


Michelle Salemi and Dr. Anthony Herren



Iman Mohtashemi (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Brett


Lab work with Michelle and Zachary Goecker


Wednesday afternoon snacks from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Brett Phinney Lecture



Tue morning Kerry Nugent (WarpLCMS) with Brett Phinney

Gold Bio sponsor table


Dr. Robert Chalkley, Associate Adjunct Professor, NIGMS Mass Spectometry Facility & Dept. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UCSF


Dr. Marshall Bern, Research Director, Protein Metrics lecturing



Rebekah Woolsey, Brett Phinney, Craig Ulrich and Dave Quilici - Nevada Proteomics Center


Brett and Robert Chalkley


Dr. David Arnott (Genentech) arrives for afternoon lecture and Brett Phinney


Break time


Judy Kjelstrom and Todd Holt (Rainin)


Proteomics participants in the elevator going to measure read a BCA plate.jpg


Thursday lab


Dr. Blythe Durbin-Johnson, UC Davis Principal Statician


Brett and Dr. Ryan Leib, Staff Scientist-Protein Bioinformatics, Vincent Coates Foundation Mass Spectometry Lab, Stanford


Anthony Herren lab


Outside break


Kerry Nugent lab



Dr. Robert Rice (UC Davis Environmental Toxicology) and Brett


Dr. Danielle Lemay, Associate Professional Researcher, Genome Faculty Member, UC Davis


Brett with Dave Quilici


Dr. Ryan Leib



Iman Mohtashemi lecture


Adam Contreras


Andrew Burch


Celeste Riepe



Hideaki Okochi


Jessica Moore


Kamolchanok Umnajkitikorn


Lisa Sawrey-Kubicek