2017 Proteomics Photos



2017 Proteomics Course Photos


2017 Proteomics Group Photo


Dr. Brett Phinney (Director of the Proteomics Core) and Michelle Salemi (Proteomics Core) welcoming Dr. Chris Adams from Stanford


Welcome! Front Desk Area


Ready to start checking in participants


Dr. Brett Phinney and Michelle Salemi ready to greet participants


Monday breakfast sponsored by Rainin.


Monday afternoon break sponsored by ThermoFisher Scientific. Thanks Thermo Fisher Scientific!


Dr. Anthony Herren helping students


Dr. Herren checking on a lab group


Kerry Nugent (President, WarpLCMS) with Dr. Brett Phinney

Kerry Nugent giving his presentation: "Pratical Applications of Protein and Peptide HPLC for Proteomics"


Dr. David Arnott (Genentech Inc.) and Dr. Brett Phinney


Dr. David Arnott giving his talk


Dr. David Arnott answering a participant's question following his talk

Dr. Brett Phinney leading the Thursday morning lab

Dr. Robert Rice, UC Davis Environmental Toxicology, arriving for his talk

Dr. Robert Rice giving his presentation on Wednesday titled: "Protein profiling in corneocytes of hair, nail and epidermis"

Dr. Brett Phinney and Mr.Todd Holt (Rainin)

Proteomics participants gathering around the Rainin table

Coffee, juice and tea courtesy of Rainin

Rainin table all set up

Dr. Ryan Leib


Dr. Birgit Schilling, Dr. Anthony Herren, Dr. Dave Quilici and Dr. Brett Phinney


Lab station ready to go


Michelle Salemi giving an intro to today's lab


Tuesday afternoon lab


Wednesday afternoon lab


Thursday lab


Thank you, ThermoFisher Scientific!


Dr. Brett Phinney and Dr. Marshall Bern, Vice President & Research Director, Protein Metrics


Dr. Marshall Bern giving his talk on Glycoproteomics


Dr. Glendon Parker giving his lecture


Dr. Glendon Parker


Several lab stations working on the Bovine Liver Protein Extraction


Dr. Brett Phinney and Dr. Birgit Schilling


The course participants. One student came all the way from Hong Kong to attend!


After certificates on Friday afternoon