2017 Flow Photos


2017 Flow Cytometry Course Photos

Jonathan Van Dyke, Dr. Judy Kjelstrom, Kent Kjelstrom and Bridget McLaughlin

Bridget McLaughlin and Jonathan Van Dyke with FlowJo group

Angela Pommer from AMNIS and Jonathan Van Dyke

Ben Alderete, Tim Chang and Richard DeMarco getting ready for their AMNIS lab

Marcia Mednick from Takara and Bridget McLaughlin

Marcia Mednick from Takara giving a talk on Friday morning

Marcia Mednick talking with Leslie Wilson

Monday afternoon break





Brandon Carter, Bridget McLaughlin and Steven Bouman


Biolegend table: Bridget and Dr. Nina Hosmane


Bridget McLaughlin and Dr. Jason Stafford from ThermoFisher Scientific


Jolene Bradford and Dylan Malayter from Invitrogen by ThermoFisher Scientific with Jonathan Van Dyke


Thank you MIllipore SIGMA

Afternoon refreshments sponsored by AMNIS part of Millipore Sigma

Alex Gordon and Stirling Gerbic-Forsyth from Statedigm

FlowJo sponsored lunch - thanks FlowJo!

Dr. Holden Maecker gave a talk about standardizing flourescence and mass cytometry for clinical studies

Delicious spaghetti and salad lunch sponsored by BD Biosciences

Coffee and Juice courtesy of Bio-Rad

Coffee and tea provided by Cytek

Afternoon treats sponsored by eBioscience

Bridget McLaughling leading the Astrios lab

Bridget taking a moment to catch up with Dr. Holden Maecker from Stanford School of Medicine

Dr. Nina Hosmane from BioLegend presents a talk about BioLegend web tools and reagents from optimizing flow cytometry experiments

Dr. Lisa Nichols leading the 2nd day of the Cytek lab



Janine Sharpe (BD Biosciences), Don Hesler (Sony Biotechnology), Bridget and Lora Barsky (Beckman Coulter)

Don Hesler and Laurie Appling from Sony Biotechnology setting up their lab

Lisa Bellemare from BD


Jack Panopoulos leading the FlowJo lab

Shannon Henery from Bio Rad setting up her table

Shannon Demshar from Bayer CropScience, Shannon Henery from Bio-Rad and Bridget McLaughlin

Shannon Demshar

Thank you, BioLegend!

The BioLegend table was very popular with participants

The Beckman Coulter Cytoflex lab

The Sony Biotechnology table

The Sony Lab

Andrew Barron's certificate

Aninca Stull's certificate

Beau Parry's certificate

Bernadett Bosze's certificate

Bina Spray's certificate

Byoung Koh's certificate

Dane Coleal-Bergum's certificate


David White's certificate Hannah Safford's certificate Heather Bischel's certificate Joel Walker's certificate
Juan Antonio Arredondo's certificate Kang Kang-hsin's certificate Kimberly Powell's certificate Leslie Wilson's certificate
Luke Johnson's certificate Mark Goodman's certificate Miguel Velazquez-Palafox's certificate Richard Halpert's certificate
Sandipan Datta's certificate Shir Gildor's certificate Sydney Christe's certificate Tracy Rourke's certificate
Tye Petrie's certificate Vladimir Diaz-Ochoa's certificate Whitney Cary's certificate  
      Yuanzhi Lyu's certificate
Zunqiu Wang's certificate